Subtitle – If you don’t know who God is…. you won’t know what God can do



Exodus 3:14 God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.  This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.”

One day I was having a pity party about all that I have been through and waiting for a blessing from God.  I was being impatient and having doubts.  So OK…am I by myself here or can I get a witness?  I can’t be the only one who has gotten tired of waiting on God to come through for them.

This day I was really whining to Him like a little child.  Why God why?….when God when?……how God how?…..I can’t take it anymore…….I need help now…….don’t you see what I’m going through…….How long God…. how long must I go through this?

Then I heard a loud voice in my heart and mind and I knew it was the Lord. His voice is very unmistakable at times especially when He is ticked off.  He said to me “Do you know who I AM?….Do you know who you are dealing with?  I was like….yikes!  For days I kept hearing His voice in my mind and as I meditated on that fact I sobered up from my pity party….repented for all of my doubting, impatience and whining.

God will do what He wants to do and when and how He wants to do it.  God says this about Himself:

Exodus 33:19 Then He said, “I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before you. I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.”

God is all powerful…..He is God Almighty  (Genesis 17:1) He is The Alpha and The Omega (Revelation 21:6) There is no one in front of Him and no one in back of Him.  There are no words to describe the enormity of His nature or power that we can understand.  When I want to think of how big and powerful God is I look up at the sky on a clear day, think about me in the middle of the ocean and how big it is, I think about the loudest noise I’ve ever heard and the brightest light I’ve ever seen(The Sun) and 20 foot waves racing to the sea shore, the deepest valley and the highest mountain, the largest diamond and piece of Gold and the strongest wind and as powerful and brilliant as all of these thing are…it cannot compare to the awesome powerfulness of The Almighty God.

  He can create anything out of thin air, He sees all, knows all, can be everywhere at the same time,  he can hear everyone’s prayers at the same time….His entire supernatural existence is totally unexplainable.  This powerful incredible God is the one who I belong to, !!!!!!!  I AM HIS!!  He cares for me!  He watches over me!  He loves me and has my BEST interest in His heart. Can I really be worried, fretfuland doubtful?  He chose me, washed me, cleansed me and made me whole and then He filled me with His very own Spirit to strengthen and guide me every step of the way of my living existence and is prepared to receive my soul after my body cease to exist in this world.

I ask you….what in the world are we worrying for ??? 

You all know how much I love the story of ….The Wizard Of OZ….It’s the little girl in me.  Well Dorothy and her friends needed help and thought they had finally found help from the all mighty powerful OZ….but sadly and her little dog pulled the curtain back and revealed it was just a man.

People we have the real deal here….no fake or made up story.  We are the children of the one and only most powerful being in this whole universal existence of everything.  We’re gonna be OK!  I’m gonna be OK!  You are going t be OK!!  Believe it! Know it! Trust this fact!  God said He is The I Am!!  He is our Father.

So when He asked me do I know who I’m dealing with……I can say after meditating on what I know about Him from the bible and my pray times with Him… I do… and all my fears disappear. 

To those reading this today….will you take some time out to think about who you are dealing with…who our God is and all His power?  We need to meditate on this very often and we tend to forget at times about all His mighty power.  I pray this blog today will encourage all who read it. God bless each and every one of you.  Have a great day!

Message for today:  Don’t whine….trust The Devine!

If you have time please watch this video of a song I love: I Am God

I Am God

I am God, all by Myself
I don’t need any help
I can handle things on My own
I am the First, and the Last
Whatever you need, just ask
For I am, I am, I am God

I was there in the beginning
And I’ll be there when you get to the end
I’m all seeing, all knowing
All mighty, ever showing
For I am, I am, I am God

All of my promises are yea, I am God
I am the First and the Last
Whatever you need just ask I am
I am, Just stand still and know that I am
I am the First and the Last
Whatever you need, just ask
For I am, I am, I am God