Mathew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

I have another confession to make. If I keep up this blogging you will know all my personal business. I’m not proud of this confession, but here goes……I am a salt-aholic …a person who likes to eat salt. Yes I know….you don’t have to say it. I come from a long line of salt lovers…..some of my children are too. It makes food taste so good. I do have to give it up soon because it’s NOT good.  I’m  attempting to give it up right now in fact (wink)….pray for me!

Salt does have its place in this world though( yes I know…not in my mouth LOL). It’s very useful and God provided it for us when He created this world. We know already from my confession that it enhances the flavor of food and it also keeps food from rotting. It can be used for medicinal purposes too. So you see salt can be a good thing….just not for me.

Now Jesus used salt to tell the disciples and us how we should be as Christians and I’m sure everyone has heard many sermons on this subject but I want to give my spin on this using my own life. When we became Christians we got a mandate from the Lord to go out and share the good news and Jesus told us clearly that we are the salt of the earth. I took that to mean for me to have an effect on whoever I meet….that they will Know that I am a Christian because of the way I carry myself….because of the anointing that is on my life ….because the Spirit of God Himself is living in me……because my speech and my tongue is reflecting my nature which is in Jesus Christ…..and because I am holy because God is Holy.

Everything that I am spiritually is contributing to my saltiness. I thrive off of being salty because I am always trying to share my faith with others. Sometimes people just seem to know I’m a Christian……um…..saltiness. This is on my heart 24/7…just ask my family. It has gotten me in trouble, but I don’t care because Jesus wants me to do this. Now I’m not perfect and I sin like everybody else and distractions get in my way. But as I just stated in my blog the other day this is why we ask God to wash us clean so we do not lose our saltiness.

If we have a lot of distractions in our lives we may not be as effective and could lose some of our saltiness also. Some examples of salt reducers/distractions are: sin, sickness, job stress/loss, children and marriage issues, school/college, overly concerned with worldly things, TV, facebook/twitter, shopping, job and the list can go on.

Things that can insure you stay salty: regular bible study, confession of sins, forgiving others, regular prayer, regular church attendance, serving others, giving and this list can go on too.
The thought of losing my saltiness and being trampled underfoot is hard for me to imagine happening to me. Remember I love salt!! (Smiling here)

Some say these days that the church has lost its saltiness (they mean us…we are the church). I’m not going to agree or disagree with that statement because it’s better to Pray and make sure my own walk is up to par. I’m going to keep moving forward praying all the way because that’s what’s best for me.

Massage for today: Jesus said you are the salt of the earth……..know that ….live that.