LIFE IS HARD THESE DAYS! Let’s focus on God! Let’s worship Him! The harder life has been for me the more I worship Him, and you know what? The lord is there in the midst of everything, and I have peace and I’m comforted. DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE TROUBLE…worship God now. Keep yours and His relationship with you tight. Make sure your heart is clean and everything will be alright! God bless you!

God Speaks I Listen

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To get a glimpse of God or to understand this prayerful worship is this….You can know God from your knowledge of the bible…but it isn’t until you worship in the secret place of the most high that you can truly experience the mental, physical and emotional  connection with God.  This kind of worship and prayer along with the intense presence of the Holy Spirit allows us to have a very intimate relationship with God our Father.

This type of prayer is different from other kinds of prayer because it involves not only thinking and speaking to God, but you move into a very deep spiritual connection that allows you to feel Gods presence to the point that you forget about yourself and everything around you.  It’s just you and Him.  This kind of prayer makes you want to cry your heart out in love for God or you may…

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