The Word of the Lord for Today

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This message is for God’s children.

Hold on to the teachings of my Son, obey my word.  Do what you know is right. Share the truth of my word.  Spread the gospel of my Son Jesus Christ which is good news to people who are seeking, people who need the Lord.  Many things are happening that you may not understand.  But know this, my Holy Spirit is drawing many to me, people are seeking truth.

There are those who greatly oppose the gospel.  Don’t be afraid of them. My power is great and at work in you.  Know who you are in me, know my word, have faith, pray and act/obey.

From the Lord of Host

A Message for someone today


There is a very sick child out there today.

Father in the name of Jesus I ask you to touch that child’s body today  and heal them.  Father this child has been through a lot.  Strengthen the family.  Give the mother rest for her body. She has had a hectic schedule.  In Jesus name I pray ….Amen

Special Message for someone


Someone is thinking about not going to church tomorrow. You feel down and don’t want to be around anybody. There is sadness in your heart. Get up and get dressed tomorrow…..go. This is the will of God and He will bless you. You need to be around your brothers and sisters in Christ. Ask for prayer. Listen to the word being preached. God will lift your spirit!! Jesus will take your burdens. Go Go Go to the house of the Lord Go.

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