Isaiah 40:31 31But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Oh No!!!! I’m all over the place in my thinking. Plotting, planning, coming, and going, over thinking situations. I’m doing this and doing that. I’m thinking I must be running ahead of God. How do I know? I’m tired, I feel weak, a little faint and I’m crawling around. I’m trying so hard to do many things and I’m really going nowhere. My mind is not as calm as it should be and this causes me to……you got it….run ahead of God.

The Lord is telling me to wait on Him let Him and He will lead me in every area of my life. He showed me in a vision a man and a woman dancing.  Both people are trying to lead while they are dancing. They are a mess, they can’t do it. They’re struggling stepping on each other’s feet and they both get frustrated, discouraged, angry and eventually quit dancing.
One person just needs to submit and stop trying to run the show, wait for the other person to lead and they will be able to dance. If we wait on God we’ll be able manage ANY situation….not only manage but fly over them.

God will let me run ahead of Him and when I realize that I’m too far out ahead of Him I turn around and look and say to myself, “God where are you?” It’s such an awful feeling to feel you are alone in your situation and it’s just sneaks up on you. Whenever I feel myself running ahead of God I know that’s a time to wait, stop and pray.

This morning after I finish writing this message, I’m going to meditate on the scripture above, think about different areas of my life and see where I’m running ahead of God either in my thinking or doing and I’m going wait on the Lord in those areas.
There are rewards in doing this…..I won’t faint…..I can walk up rightly…….I won’t be weary…..I’ll be able to run with God……. .And I’ll mount up and fly.

I believe I can fly………………….If I wait on the Lord that is !!!!    🙂

Massage for today:       Stop!….Just  stop running!  All those things that you are worried about, all the things you gotta do before you pray about it…. stop!…. Now wait just a minute…………..wait I say!…………..on the Lord.