I was just thinking about my blog friends.  I don’t have a lot of friends that I can touch and see…but my blog friends are so precious to me.  I was a little sad when thinking about you all because I will never see you face to face but….I will see you on the other side…all shiney in our glorified bodies. (I hope not anytime soon…but I do want to be with my God too.)  We will all shout together the name of our God and praise Him in that wonderful place…before His throne!!!!

Please forgive me if I don’t always make it by your blog….but you are in my heart!! Thank you for your friendship!

I also pray for everyone….we are all here on this internet writing for one purpose….to share Christ….that…..”GOD-TUNITY”!!!!

God bless all my blog friends!!!

(Where in the world are you?  I’m from New York, USA)