Our greatest resource is Almighty God… our Father.

God Speaks I Listen

Oops….Shouldn’t this be our Father which art in heaven? Many people ask questions on Google and find their way to my blog…and that’s great. Some people do bible searches(like me) and some people need help. God is available to answer questions and is more available than Google.

Two of my most viewed blogs are “I’m going to kill myself and I am so stupid.”  I entitled it that way to draw people to my blog who are suffering in those areas so that I can share the Good News of hope which is Jesus Christ.  On my blog I’m able to see what people Google to get to my blog and it’s surprising to see so many people seeking God and answers to their lives through Google.

There are a lot of good spiritual resources out there.   There is also a lot of very bad religious advice and false biblical doctrine too. …

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