I’ve been wanting to share my experience for a long time with this difficult subject so today is the day I choose to share. First let me say that my present husband is a wonderful caring supportive man who has never mistreated me or said one mean thing to me in 40 years of marriage!

In my previous marriage that was not the case. The first week that I was married we had our first fist fight. Being that my parents never did this I didn’t know anything about it and I was like…”what in the world?” I fought back because I was like…”no He did not just hit me!” The first 3 years of this marriage were like Ali and Frasier regularly. Domestic violence was common in his family. I even fought when I was pregnant with our only child. But then things changed when he starting using drugs. He got really crazy and I was scared of 2

Things got very dangerous for me and I had to be very careful. Anything would set Him off. It’s not necessary to go into graphic detail here you, I’m sure you get the point.   My newborn baby and my last night with him was the most violent and dangerous. I was so grateful that we were alive the next morning. I can see very clearly how God got me out of that horrible situation. A friend of mine came over to see me that morning. I know God sent her! I gave her the eye to let her know I was in trouble. She told my ex-husband that she needed to take me to get diapers. So I left with her and never went back. I lived in a two family house and the next day the other family called me to say that my ex-husband went crazy and tore up the house and all of our belongings. The police arrested him and took Him away.

They put him in a mental institution. He stalked me for a while but eventually I got a divorce and he moved to another state. I was scared for years after that because He had tried to kill me, continued to threaten me and take my daughter. But God didn’t let that happen.


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Domestic violence is the most awful thing!! You do heal from it but the scars are there for life. When I hear stories of it happening to someone else it brings everything back to my mind of my own experiences. But I resist the enemy’s plan to take away the peace that God gave me about my situation and I pray for that person I heard was abused and move on.

The greatest lesson that I’ve had about this is learning to forgive. I forgave him very early in that ordeal and that was the biggest overcoming blessing for me. In fact my present husband and I had tried to help my ex-husband get back home to his 4

One of the most powerful songs I sing is called “For Every Mountain”.   It’s about the mountains that God get’s us over. I sing this song with everything I have in me because of all that God’s gotten me over.   I have survived not only domestic violence, but 4 of my babies in ICU, cancer, depression and suicide, a rare illness and much much more!!!

When I look back over my life I can see that God has ALWAYS watched over me and He ALWAYS will until that time when He lets go so that death can have its way and even then that will happen so He can bring me close to Him forever!

I was in my domestic violence situation for 4 years because I felt trapped there. There were no shelters back then. God was my shelter and he led me to safety. If there is anyone reading this being abused right now I want to tell you to get out…but be very careful and be very wise! Plan very carefully! There is help out there now!

Your greatest Help and strength comes from the Lord. Call on Him! Ask Him to help you!

Father God…I pray for every woman and child who is involved in this horrible situation of domestic violence to get the help they need ASAP. In Jesus name Amen.

1 Peter 5:7 Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.