John 14:14  You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

We should pray with faith believing that God can do the thing we ask for. We MUST pray for God’s will. All answers to prayer will bring God glory. Gods will for us is what God thinks is for our good….in our best interest.  Joni Erikson Tada has been paralyzed for most of her life. In spite of her illness she has done tremendous things for God. If she had not gone through the accident that caused her paralysis, I really don’t think her life would have bought God as much glory. A second benefit of her illness is that, in heaven she will be greatly rewarded for all she has done and for all she has had to endure and yet kept the faith. Her suffering has benefitted her greatly in ways that we can never fully understand in this life. Philippians 1:29 For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him,

An Oswald Chambers quote – “If you are going to be used by God, He will take you through a number of experiences that are not meant for you personally at all. They are designed to make you useful in His hands, and to enable you to understand what takes place in the lives of others.”

Romans 8:18 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. 

Knowing that all things work together for our good and knowing that what God has planned for us in heaven is so mind blowing, I think Joni got the better end of deal. What God has planned for her eternal future far outweighs her present pain. You see…we don’t really get God and we really can’t. One day we will completely understand His decisions. Until then, we must press on in this life and we must endure no matter what.


I told God one day that I think that He is a little strange because with God pain and suffering is good and we are to count it all joy. This is a very hard concept to process. I said to Him if I were, God I would give everybody everything they wanted. But I had to think about myself with this line of thinking. I raised 6 children and I didn’t let my kids have everything they wanted because I didn’t want them to turn out spoiled and narcissistic. God is a far better parent than to let that happen to us!! So what is praying in God’s will? When you know His word and you have abided in Him you know what His will is. My kids knew better than to ask me for $200.00 for a pair of new sneakers. I know better than to ask God for a Rolls Royce! Know God, know His word, know how to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and you’ll have a better chance of praying in God’s will.

What we think is best for us might have a negative outcome and could really be bad for us in the long run. God’s best for us might seem like a negative outcome especially if it involves some form of suffering but He always has our best interest in the forefront it will have an excellent outcome for sure! We should remember that we can ask God for anything at any time.  In this way we let Him know that we trust our Father God and look to Him for our support and help. It also keeps us stay encouraged knowing that a supernatural God is responsible for ALL that concerns us and He will answer when we call on Him.