IS CHRISTMAS now on the Q.T.?  s

(Q.T. means- Secret, quiet, off the record.)


The other day I was shopping for Christmas gift wrapping supplies and I came to a startling revelation…” there are 2 holiday’s on December 25th”. There is Jesus birthday which many call Christmas and there is a holiday celebration which many call season’s greetings or Xmas. Jesus birthday is a religious occasion in which Christians celebrate the birth of God’s Son with special church services, gift giving and family gatherings. Season’s greeting or Xmas is a fun time of celebration which involves dinner, gift giving parties and drinking.



Back to my shopping trip….I could not find any religious Christmas decorations. I had to order them on line. There were plenty of holiday decorations in every store though. I have come to the realization that there are 2 holidays and two different reason for the grand celebrations. I’ve even made peace with it in my mind because I understand what’s going on now.

I am personally responsible for two things in this matter. First is to make sure I’m doing everything I can to celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior in a way that will bring Him glory. And the second thing is I need to share my faith so others can celebrate the good news of Jesus birth also.

I don’t look down my nose on anyone who is celebrating Xmas or Seasons Greetings. I will pray for everyone. I will do what I canto do to build God’s kingdom. Because I understand what’s going with the down play of Christmas… I feel very merciful towards others who don’t really get the real reason for the season.



I just had a vision…I saw Jesus standing outside in front of Walmart and He was carrying a sign that said…”what about me?” People just walked past Him like He wasn’t even there. I thought that Jesus was going to be very upset when I looked at His face…but I saw compassion. It looked like His face was expressing this…”Father forgive then for they know not what they do”.

If we want people to know real meaning of Christmas, we must:

  1. We must show people the love of Jesus through our lives.
  2. We must be bold and tell others why Jesus came.
  3. We must live the passion of our relation with the Lord all day every day.
  4. We must shine our light!
  5. We must evangelize so that one day people will get back to saying Merry Christmas.
  6. We must evangelize so that one day we will see the selves packed with religious Christmas decorations once again. Hark the Herald angel singGlory to the new born King!!!