Enjoy this blog I posted a few years ago about Resurrection Day.

God Speaks I Listen

Well those little cute candy birds have been around for the Easter season from the year after I was born in 1952 and I have consumed a lot of those tasty diabetic induced candies in the past LOL!   There have been many Easter traditions that I’ve shared with my family as a child.   I continued these traditions with my own family until I became a committed Christian and realized the true meaning of Resurrection day.  We still provided our children with Easter candy… but as a table setting decoration and not baskets, Easter egg hunts and toys.

Marshmallow Peeps has nothing to do with the Gospel and I guess this statement is not a surprise to you.  Is it ok to still eat them?  Yup!  Is it ok to have all the other Easter candy and things?   I think so… but maybe after church at your  family gathering and dinner.  I don’t…

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