God Speaks I Listen

I’m living my very last days of my 50’s as I’ll be 60 years old on July 27, 2012. As I was meditating on my life this week and thanking God for all He’s done for me…I realized that …..I KNOW GOD!! I KNOW WHO He is, where He is, what He’s done for me through His Son Jesus. I know what He expects of me, I know how much HE loves me. I know how He thinks and operates. I know how to go about questioning Him….I know if He’s angry. I hear when He calls me and I trust when He’s silent. I really know Him. We’ve had a lot of years together now.

Do I know Him 100%? No way! Knowing God has also let me be not as fearful about my life. I know He’ll be there for me…even if I don’t feel Him doing stuff…

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