Dear 2020,

You have been a very challenging year. Every day you bought us the unexpected, the trying and the difficult.  Some days I thought I was waking up to a movie, but soon realized it was our new reality.  There have been many times that I’ve hated what you bought.  You have been like a tornado with your paths of destruction. This year has defiantly been filled with pain and aguish. I have witnessed the suffering of so many.  You bought in a wave of violence and anger like I’ve haven’t seen since I was a teenager.

2020, you tried to shut the world down, but you just can’t do that….it’s not your world.

So many beautiful things have come out of the ashes of this year.  We saw nurses, doctors and essential workers from every walk of life give of themselves to help others.  We saw volunteers give out food and anything else they could do to help people.  We saw firemen, policemen and our service men and woman devote themselves to saving lives.  We saw people coming out of the woodwork to do things for others like never before.

2020, you had us on our knees praying like we never prayed before. You thought we were weak. But we know the bible says when we are weak, we are strong. We surely have had the strength of the Lord during these trying times.

 As a result of this, we all got to experience the sufficiency of God’s grace.

For me personally 2020, your scary and confining moments made me write a book dedicated to knowing God more intimately called “Obsessed With God.” What you meant for evil, God used it for good for me. Yeah 2020, you don’t really have power over my life, God does.  You will be gone soon and 2021 will be the next to try to work his stuff, BUT GOD! No matter what may come, my God will be there with His grace and mercy.  Just like He is getting us through this year, He’s already worked things out for next year. 

As long as I submit myself to God, I can say with all certainty, it will be well with my soul. So, 2020, you have been defeated!

My hope is in the Lord! He is the good Shepherd! I will be ok! So, in just 5 short week it’s so long for you! The curtain is coming down on your mess. We can only go up from here! 2020 thought he could bring about humanities demise, but God plans have already been laid out. Jesus made His plans a reality.


Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.