I’ve had many huge trials, but this one has taken the cake. It was 10 years from beginning to end. This was a very difficult trial in which I’m not a liberty to share any details. Know this, God has made a way out of no way! God has given me the victory over this situation! I could have never gotten through this trial without God!!! Now that it’s officially over I’m looking back to see what God wanted me to learn through all of this and these are my conclusions:

  1. Never get mad at God for what He’s allowed you to go through.  Things happen.  My husband and I said throughout this trial, “it is what it is!” We knew that God was with us, and that we needed to trust Him completely.  This was not an easy task because our natural man wanted to take back our problems that we had given to God. Our spiritual man though said leave those problems at the altar and that’s what we did. God IS in control of all things!
  2. We remembered all the victories, blessings, and miracles that God did for us in the past. My husband and I constantly reflected on previous trials and all the answered prayers.  This really kept our faith at a higher level. (It would be wise to thank God for all He has done for you in the past.)
  3. I listened daily to Christian music, Christian radio, and sermons on YouTube most of the day, every day. I needed to keep my mind on Jesus and feed my soul with spiritual food as much as possible.
  4. My husband and I kept up our personal ministry.  Serving the Lord has been such a blessing during this difficult time.  It is hard to do ministry when you are in a battle.  But when you do it, it makes you so much stronger spiritually.
  5. Worship God!  This is the most amazing thing! Here you are going through one of the toughest times in your life and you take time to worship the Lord with all of your heart.  Feeling His presence in worship will comfort you. Sometimes reading a scripture or listening to a song can propel you into a great time of worship. The point is you need to worship God by any means necessary! It doesn’t matter how you get there but worship God!
  6. Be around positive and spiritual people. Do things that are enjoyable to you. If you watch TV, watch wholesome and uplifting shows.  Go to the park or sit by a lake. 
  7. Help somebody! This is a tremendous activity that can do so much for you spiritually. Call or visit the sick. Help a neighbor. Volunteer at a food bank.
  8. Allow people you trust to encourage you.  Be close with family and friends during this time.  Don’t go through this alone!
  9. Fear not! Fear is a hard thing to deal with. The enemy knows just how to scare you and keep you on edge and stressed out! This is one of the greatest problems during a big trial!!
  10. This is a real biggy here…. KNOW YOUR BIBLE!!! If you don’t know what God has said in His word, then you have nothing to stand on at all!!! God is not a genie in a bottle that you rub to get help when you’re in trouble. We need to have a clean heart and be living right.  The only way to know how to live that way is through knowing what God has told us in the bible.  Then we will be able to approach God with confidence and have hope that He will answer us in our time of need.
  11. Repent or ask for forgiveness for anything that is not pleasing to God in your life.  You just can’t roll up on God living your life anyway you want and think He’s gonna bless your socks off.  He don’t work that way!!!! He ain’t no sugar daddy! You gotta do the right thing!
  12. Ok, here it is…the final and GREATEST lesson I learned in this trial: PRAY ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!! You don’t need Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Ticktoc, Pinterest, Verizon, AT&T, Google, your pastor, a deacon, or church member to get information or to get in contact with God for you. Anywhere you are… at home, job or in your car, just shoot a prayer right up to God!!! Anytime or anywhere….  Just talk to Him! Speak to Him out loud or just think in your mind your words to Him!  He is EASY to talk to!!!!  KEEP THE PRAYERS GOING!!! (A little tip here, don’t wait until you have a hard trial to keep in touch with God wink, wink!) God is your Father!  There is no other help that can help you out of your situation. Only God!!!!

I can give you a bunch of scriptures here, but I have talked about trials throughout all my blogs and I think it would be good for you to really get into the bible yourself because it will be much more meaningful that way. I want to leave you with one Scripture just to get you started but I beg you to please study the bible. It is free online. Biblical help is right at our fingertips.  I pray for all those who have very great needs today that you will find the strength, comfort, and hope you need! In Jesus name. Please consider the things I have said in my blog today.  It’s truth!

1 Peter 5:6-7 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

His purpose is for my spiritual development. How He accomplishes this through pain and suffering is a mystery to me. I know I’ve learned a lot through this and my faith has been greatly Increased!