You didn’t ask to be born; I didn’t ask to be born but yet here we are. Many others have had the same thought about their lives. Many regret ever being born. God has His reasons for your existence and eventual birth. In fact, God really wanted you! Your existence may be a mystery to you, but I guarantee you, that were wanted!!! Job had some regret about even being born at all.

Job 3:1-3 After a while, Job opened his mouth to speak. He cursed the day he had been born. 2 He said, 3 “May the day I was born be wiped out. May the night be wiped away when people said, ‘A boy is born!’

I think Job was being a bit dramatic, but he was going through a lot at the time. Look at the help Job’s life has given out for generations of people. Job showed us how to deal with suffering. This revelation also shows us God grace by the Lord’s restoration of Jobs life.  His life had purpose.

God decided in His heart to let us come to life and be born and He carefully crafted us. Psalm 139:141 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

When I think of how powerful God is, it makes me tremble inside. Knowing about God’s extreme greatness and His ability to do anything He wants because He is God, makes me so appreciative of His grace. There are many aspects of God’s grace. In this blog today I want to talk about His saving grace.

When God made us, He knew that we would not be up to His holy standards. But, He already had a plan established to fix this defect in us. Now you might ask why He made us with this deficit in the first place. Well, let me tell you, it’s because He can, He did, and we will find out why when we get to heaven.  There are some things about this planet, God, and our lives that are a mystery, period! When these questions come up in my mind, I just say it’s God’s ways and God’s business. I’m gonna stay in my lane! I have all I can handle with what He has revealed in the bible for us to know now about things past, present, and future. I’m still stuck on the trinity, one God in three persons!

Because God chose to give me life, I am at His mercy. To me this is what exemplifies God’s holiness. He could be a mean god like those portrayed in Hollywood, but He is holy, kind and loving. It is not in His nature do wrong by us! His saving grace proves that. Knowing about the wrath of God makes me really appreciate of His saving grace!

Do we really give saving grace much thought? What a gift! Many people think of God as being a bit harsh because He allows us to go through suffering. But when you think of how He could’ve treated us wow!  What He allowed Himself to go through on our behave reach deep in my heart. God giving us the gift of saving grace is so wonderful!!! Again, we were wanted!

We were born unredeemed. We were born with no righteousness of our own. We were unclean and unholy at birth. But saving grace gave us the opportunity to remove all that unholiness, guilt, and shame from our lives and enabled our souls to be washed clean and be put right with God on our acceptance of Jesus Christ. When we believed in Him, we were saved by God’s grace. Grace has even followed us throughout our entire lives!

Ephesians 2:8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—

What exactly is “the gift”? We were born spiritually blind, but after salvation, the scales were removed from our eyes and now we see what holiness is and try to live in the light of Jesus ways. We don’t deserve what God is giving us. We were born unholy and could do nothing for ourselves. Just like a newborn baby cannot feed himself, clean himself, and provide for himself, we cannot do anything for our 100% unholy and unworthy self! Nothing a human can do to fix this complete morally defective unholy soul. ONLY God in His mercy has done this through His only Son Jesus. Jesus has unlocked the door to our eternal life and has the honor of presenting us to His Holy Father one day.

We did not ask to be born and we didn’t ask for the gift of saving grace. We didn’t ask for mercy. We didn’t ask for Jesus to die on our behave. But do you know what pulls all of this together for us? THE LOVE OF GOD!!! GOD HAS GIVEN US EVERYTHING! HIS LOVE, HIS SON, HIS FORGIVNESS, HIS MERCY, HIS GRACE AND ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ETERNAL LIFE! We are here now. Let’s take in every good thing that God has preplanned for our lives. We may not have asked to be born, but we’re here! Let’s take hold of every good thing that God has planned for our lives!

Let’s be grateful for Saving grace! Let’s let others know about this amazing gift!

Titus 2:11 For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.