I went to church today. As soon as I was in the sanctuary I saw a vision of treasure. It was like gold in a treasure box all over the church. At the tithes and offering part of the service the pastor spoke about tithes. He told a story about tithes and I didn’t know that it would affect me the way it did.

A few years ago my husband started a business and because of problems with a partner in the business it didn’t work out and we lost everything. We still are suffering because of that and we need a financial miracle. I wasn’t even thinking about that today but have prayed about the situation many times.

The Lord spoke to me very clearly and said to go before the church tell them your need, the vision and then empty your wallet out, give me all the money in it, every penny and leave it at the altar. I told my husband to do the same and anyone else who wanted to. I found out later he had just went to the ATM to get money out for work for the week. He put his money on the altar too. I saw the treasure again and I saw the windows in heaven open and treasure being poured out.

I was so scared to do this during the service. I sent a note to our pastor and asked first. If he had said no that would have been OK but I’m so glad he allowed me to speak.

I’ve only had this happen one other time 20 years ago. I needed a really big miracle and the Lord came through in an incredible way.

I am expecting a miracle!!!! I’ve been praying for a miracle for a long time and I believe God answered me today and now I’m waiting for my Father to bless me. You know when I wrote the blog message for this morning I was kind of joking when I said I need 2 cars and some cash. It’s a real need in my life and I believe today is my day.

When my miracle comes I will blog it right away and I will give God all the glory. I know my God…my Father….Stay tuned!! Keep checking back!!!

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.