Mark 16:15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

God has given me messages to give people and He tells me to do things for people. He has had me walk up to complete strangers and start a conversation. I will do anything for the Lord and go way out on a limb for Him. Early in my walk with the Lord a brother in the Lord who was very wise in the supernatural things of God told me that sometimes God will have you go out on a limb for Him.

I’m so glad this brother told me that because I would have missed many blessings. I’ll give you an example of what I have done. There was a man who had just gotten out of jail and came to our church. The Lord gave me a message for him and I wrote it down on a piece of paper. I drew a picture of money in the form of change and told Him God was going to bless Him and he will be whole again and he will have money in his pocket. I gave him a scripture and prayed for him. I spoke to Him about the message and the vision I had and He look at me like….well OK lady. I get that a lot when I give a message. You get use to it.

About 2 years later this man came back to our church, but I didn’t recognize him. He came over to me and said I had given him a message and he carried it around in his wallet. He pulled out his wallet and showed me all his credit cards drivers license and a wad of money. He said I told him the Lord would fill his pockets and he did. He said he has a good job and a good life. Would God have blessed him if I didn’t give him the message? Yes……but God wanted to show this man his power in a unique way and I would have missed my blessing.

What does it take to go out on a limb for the Lord?

1.You must be A Christian
2.You need to be a praying Christian
3.You need discernment
4.You need the power of the Holy Spirit……His anointing
5.Need to know scripture (you don’t have to be a bible scholar)
6.Know God’s voice
7.Be available and willing
8.Be motivated by your love for the Lord
9.Be prepared( have tracts, bibles, paper pen etc.)
10.Have a clean heart and integrity(how can you be a witness if you are not right with God)

Please pray about this today. This world needs us; the Lord wants to use us. It is not an easy thing to go out on a limb for God. It takes us out of our comfort zone and into the area of God’s supernatural power. I trust God totally and I keep my spiritual ears open and always ready to act when He gives me the go. When God wants me to do something, a feeling comes over me inside or sometimes I just hear Him in my mind saying go do this. I’m always willing….He NEVER forces me to do anything. You have to be willing.

All of this is about saving souls and encouraging Christians who need a word from the Lord to boost their faith. God will give you the anointing for that time; you can’t keep doing the same thing every time. There are times God has me do nothing for a while and then there are times I get many task to do. It’s all up to Him only.

Two bible hero’s to me ( and there are many) are John the Baptist and Noah. These two men were out there….way out there. Just had to throw in Daniel. I’m so glad I only have to write a message on a piece of paper. Whew!

Acts 4:29 Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.

Think about this today and see how far you can go out on a limb. People are waiting………God is waiting…….for tree climbers.

2 Timothy 1:7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

Message for today: Go all out for Jesus…He went all out for you!