This morning … Gods Speaks I Listen….and share with you.
In God’s service….Tanya

Have courage my children, have courage. These have been difficult days for many and I have heard all of your prayers, cries, and moans and have seen your tears. I have seen many who are worried, anxious, and I’ve also seen those who have put their trust in me.

Many people are very angry with me; some don’t understand and ask why. A few of you have even predicted my Son’s return and some say everything is Ok, have faith and stay positive.

Everything that you need to know is written in my word. My word is perfect and when you read it, believe it, and receive it in your heart it will do what I intended it to do for you. It is healing, correcting, cleansing, directing, forth telling, convicting… can lead you to peace of mind, security in essentials of living, healing…..and it can tell you how much I love you and want the best for you.

Please don’t try to understand everything that I do or have to know why for everything. I will at times reveal things, but I need you to trust me. Every morning I’m there with my new mercies for you and my grace is always always there to help you get through all you have to endure. I am there….I am there. I have made it so easy for you to connect with me at all times. There is not one second of the day or night that you cannot talk to me and be with me. Not one thing you ever say to me is ignored. You are my children and I am your Father and I know how to take care of you.

I am in you; my Holy Spirit came and took up residence in you when you accepted my Son. When you abide in me your conscience mind has all the spiritual strength you need to make it through any test, trial or just to be with me in fellowship.

Yes many things are happening around you and even in your house wholes, but I need for you to do something …..Keep your eyes on me……Yahweh…..I Am the Creator of all things and I have, can and will take care of you! Don’t ever doubt my love for you and my ability to protect you. Keep my word with you at all times… it….meditate on it… will give you peace and it will help you with the stress and anxiety.

This is a race in which you are not without help or direction. You have a coach, egging you on…..water to refresh you and I will be there at the finish line to give you the prize…eternal life….. As I have said in the beginning of my message…. Have courage my children….have courage…..I love you…..

Lord of Host