Mark 1:17 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Jesus called witnessing to people who need salvation fishing. Sometime I feel the fish are not biting these days. I think the people have heard it all before and over the years they have seen some very negative things about our leaders in the news. Fishing is a little more challenging but I think we can get a plan together. Here is a little joke with an idea:

Get it?……..go diving after them? I don’t think we should necessarily dive on them but I think we can be wiser in our approach and always follow the Holy Spirits lead. The Holy Spirit is the one who directs us to people when we are available to the Lord. We must be ready at all times and under any circumstance…..whether you are a patient in the hospital, on your job or shopping in a store.

Be prepared. A fisherman never goes out without something to catch fish. Have a bible, tracts any kind of materials. You can carry something small in a wallet or handbag. If you have nothing on you because of a very brief encounter with someone you can still be prepared in knowing Gods word in your mind and heart and by knowing how to witness to someone.

We all may not be the greatest fisherman but we can all fish. Like the joke above we may have to go after some fish by being where the fish are….get you fishing radar on. Be aware of where you are and who’s around you. Jesus will make that fish notice you. Start conversations with folks. Make comments like…boy it’s a hot one today…put the worm on the hook.

Jesus wants us to do this if we are His followers…..but be wise….pray for wisdom…..pray for discernment….pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you….and again be prepared.

The light in you and your actions, morals, and integrity are always in full view of others so act accordingly at all times. Remember you are living a holy and sanctified life and it is a witness of the work God has done in your life. Make sure you are spiritually clean because nobody will talk to a stinky dirty fisherman. We are ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

Message for today: Go out and do some fishing……is there a prize for your catch?….sure is….Jesus has the rewards and I heard it’s great!