Today is my birthday and I’m so grateful to be alive. 10 years ago I had breast cancer and have
been cancer free for all of the past 10 years. Life is beautiful to me.
Today as I open my eyes this morning… I’m so happy for another day to
serve the Lord and to be with my loved ones.

I pray that God will continue to use me in any way He’s sees fit. My life is dedicated to His service….God has
been so good to me and I thank Him for everything.
My birthday wish and prayer is that everyone I know and everyone I don’t know will
love the Lord will all their heart. God is so good…and I love Him so. “Thank you God for giving me my life and for keeping me and loving me.”

If today is your birthday….what do you wish for? Let me know and I’ll agree in prayer with you.  Don’t worry about the date….if today is the day write…..If your wish is private you can write me in the sidebar.

Happy birthday to you!  If you don’t Have the Lord in your life….don’t let another birthday go by….this is my birthday wish….you CAN make my wish come true!  Write me in the sidebar.