Dearest blog readers,

I want to share something from my heart today. First let me thank all who subscribe to this blog and those who are regular readers.

I love the Lord and I know I say it a lot in my blogs…..but I do……and it’s because He loves me so much. You all know I’m 59 years old and I have been through so many trials and tribulations. Every time I go through the next one and I look back and remember what God has done for me…. I get so overwhelmed by how He has always brought me through.

Even when He answers my prayers in a different way than I expect…He always gives me grace and peace. God pours His love on me every day……He is always available to me. I’m so grateful to God for sending His only Son to die for my sins. Every day is Easter for me! I am a friend of God, I’m an heir to the throne, I’m adopted into His own family, I’m a princess, I’m God’s daughter!

If today was my last day on earth ……I would tell everyone to please love the Lord with everything you are….love Him hard… Him completely……Love Him like you never loved anyone before……tell Him over and over again……in your heart, in your mind…..and speak it out of your mouth to Him. Please don’t judge Him by the decisions He makes for us……..we can’t possibly understand why He does what He does. Many people look at things in the Old Testament or recent catastrophes and think why. You will have answers to these question one day when you get to heaven…….so it’s good to just enjoy God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit now…..we will never have this unique time of trusting and loving God in this way because we will be changed……so now is the time to really tell Him and show Him (in our obedience) how much we love and appreciate Him.

I have this hunger and thirst inside of me for more of Him. But I don’t just want Him for myself….I want Him for other people too. This is what keeps me writing my blog in hopes someone will read the special things He has done for me and want God… Jesus Father… for themselves.

I love my my brother Jesus for what He did for me on the cross that blessed day and not only did Jesus give His own life to take my sins away, He put me right with a very Holy God, and  helped me to have a good life here on earth.  He bore the pain of everyone’s nasty stinking sins on Himself and had His own Father turn from Him because He could not look upon sin…….now that was LOVE!!!!!! He did it for me…and you! He loves us so much. It wasn’t easy for Him….He had to pray to His Father before it happened and asked Him if there was another way to do this…but He did it……who else could or would do something like that for us.

Mathew 22:37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This scripture is me…’s what I want to do all the time…….it’s what I strive for every day. Sometime I fall short because of distractions….but I pray and read the word and get right back out there and Love God up. I’m determined to endure through this difficult life and I’m determined to love God no matter what happens. I am going to profess my love for Jesus Christ openly and tell people how much I love God until I can’t……..and that will be the day I step my foot from this life and step in front of heavens gates.

I can’t wait to see God and to look into His wonderful face. I can’t wait to look directly into Jesus eyes to see at last the peace up close and personal that He has been giving me daily. I can’t wait to be with the Spirit of God forever where He doesn’t have to care for me in a protective way but to enjoy His presence on a different level. I will be able to love God fully and worship Him in a way befitting the eternal Holy God that He is.

Please…..I beg you……Love God so…..Love Him…..let Him love you back….look for His love and don’t concentrate on His chastisements or corrections…..yes it will be there ….but it’s all out of His love for me……His LOVE for you. Let this love that you have for Him motivate you in all that you do. Because He loves you so much.  It makes Him very happy when you spread this love awesome love with others. Tell others about Jesus good love….and the good news.

I know my blog is a little strange today and it may seem as if I’m in la-di-da land….but I tell you we as people in a world of very difficult times will find that the Love of God will shine through like a morning sun and will brighten our day. You can’t be fearful when you are assured of God’s love for you and He knows that you love Him and have put Him first. HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU! Take the plunge and jump into His pool of love… trust that He is in the pool with His loving arms open wide and know that He will keep you afloat with all His love. Cast all your care on Him….cast yourself on Him…..He loves you so so much.

In His Service,

Tanya Nemley

 P.S. Massage for today: I love Him……I love Him……I love Him so so much. Copy me! You don’t have to write a blog of your love…….but God knows your heart……so write it there.