I’ve had a rough week last week. I’m on new medication that has been very difficult to take….Then yesterday I woke up with the worst pain I ever had in my life….you know I’ve delivered 5 babies so this was bad.   I was rushed to the ER yesterday and found out today I have a tear in the ligament in my back.  So it’s PT and more meds for me and the prayers of the saints, my family,friends and myself ……. God’s grace will see me through.

I had a great time in the ER though….I met a famous gospel singer’s aunt and grandmother (now you didn’t think I was going to tell their names?…come on now 🙂 )  We had a 3 hour….let’s praise the Lord….have a good time in the Lord in the hospital… time!  All the medical staff knew there was something going on in our room.  It helped us with our pain. We even got to witness to our nurse and invite him to church.

Isn’t God something else?  He will work everything out and arrange the most divine appointments.  He took my mind off my pain and put it on Him.

All this is not going to stop me from blogging…so….blog you later!