Testing…I Am doing a lot of testing. This testing has a specific purpose in your life for this season. As you spend time in my presence I will speak to you, encourage you and strengthen you. You may not understand everything I’m doing in your life but you will understand all about my grace.

Everyone will learn how to wait. I will not rush my testing nor will I make it drag it out to the point past what I know you can handle.

You all will see my power and will see how I provide and bless my children. My children will grow spiritually. My children keep your eyes and ears open. Don’t walk around in darkness, discouragement and disappointment. Know that you belong to me and that I am your Father. Walk in total trust in who you are in Me.

My children, have you ever seen a parent holding their toddlers hand when they are walking outside. That parent holds that Childs hand tightly so that no harm will come to them. That’s what I do to you. I hold your hand tight and you are safe in my care. Know that I am there and after the testing the blessing. I’ve prepared a place for you with me. Everything that has happened in your life I have been there for everything. I know everything about you and have made plans for you, for your whole earthly life and even after.

Don’t be upset with the testing but know the testing is for your blessing. I wrote a book for you and included everything you will need while you are there on earth. I even have my Spirit living inside of you so you so I can be in constant communication with you. You are never out of contact with me. I created beings to watch over you and to assist me with protecting you and they even battle with the enemy if I tell them to on your behalf.

I want you to present all of your concerns to me, I want to hear about everything that concerns you. I wait to hear from you and what you need and even though you forget sometimes to tell me, I still bless you because I love you. My love for you keeps me ever so watchful over you. I wouldn’t create you and then expect you to go for yourselves. I know life is difficult at times and I said this would be and that’s why I have made so many promises to help you and also the promise of no more suffering, pain crying or grief in your future. It’s all in my book. I hope you are reading it.

My children, I love you. My love has power for you. Hold on to my love for you. You need the strength of my love. It will help you overcome.

Don’t look at all the testing’s as something negative, but help each other through the testing’s. Remember to share your victories with those who don’t know my Son. I love you my children, I love you.

From the Lord of host