Mary did ponder

Luke 2:19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

Mary Jesus mother had gone through a lot in her young life. She had a visitation from an angel of the Lord, God impregnated her with a child by the Holy Spirit, she had to deal with this secret, her future husband and her family. Then she had to travel while 9 months pregnant and find a place to give birth.

Then she was visited by some shepherds that she didn’t even know who told her that her Son was the Savior. After all of this… Mary pondered or gave careful thought of these things. Why did God put this in the bible at all and in this spot? Why didn’t she ponder things after the angel first appeared to her? Surely that was enough to make her ponder…I know I would have been pondering and wandering around in a daze LOL! I’m gonna have God’s baby? Alrighty then! But no…not Mary, she pondered things after the shepherds paid baby Jesus a visit.  Maybe it was more real to her at that time because other people knew now.

I think God is saying something here….I believe God wants us to think about the things He allows to come into our lives. He wants us to take the things that happen to us and think about them.. the good and the bad. He wants us to appreciate the good and reflect on the bad for the lessons and the victories that can be gleamed from it and use these things to encourage someone else.

I think about what I'm going through and what does God want me to know and how should I react or handle the situation

This to me is very important…to ponder. It takes time to think about things. I like to park by the ocean in my neighborhood and look at the water and think about things. That way when you need to share your story you have it somewhere in your mind and you can pull it out and give a testimony to bring God praise.

Pondering something can also give you a clearer picture on events that have happened to you. It doesn’t mean you will have a perfect understanding of why God has done something in your life, but you can at least put things in perspective so you can see that there’s a place where things started to happen, there’s a middle and prayerfully an end. You can ponder the scriptures that have helped you. You can also ponder the things God may have spoken to you about and done for you in the past.

I don't understand all God...but I see your plan.

This is a good scripture to follow:

Proverbs 4:26 Ponder the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established

Consider, think carefully, give much thought to, deliberate, contemplate, weigh it in your mind, appraise the situation, meditate on the facts, and reflect in all aspects of the things God has allow to occur in your life to date.

“I tell you…when I don’t ponder the things in my life I feel I am prone to make mistakes in the future and even some of the same mistakes.”

Message for today: Let’s follow Mary’s good example and Proverbs 4:26….and ponder so we don’t wander far from the path that God has set for us to follow and we will be OK in all that God has planned for our lives. Mary did this and the fruits of her pondering was her devoted obedience to the Lord our God.