I'm wonderfully made

1. I wouldn’t have added that pinky toe…ouch!
2. I would have left out this sinus thing…somebody get me a tissue.
3. I would have made food leave the stomach faster so no overweight…my BMI is what????
4. I would have made the teeth out of titanium…..Root canals hurt like mad!
5. I would have left out the ear wax….anybody got a coupon for Q-tips?
6. I would have made humans bald…….many of us are anyways LOL!
7. I would have made nails out of hard bone…..my nails are so brittle.
8. I would never let there be dandruff…..my clothes….the embarrassment of it all.
9. I wouldn’t let poop stink…..close that door!!!
10. I would have let babies come from eggs like chickens……Oh man… labor hurts soooo bad!!
11. I would have added a 3rd arm……it’s so hard to scratch my own back.
12. I would have made huge feet….to carry all this weight!
13. I would have left out the tonsils, and spleen, appendix ….who needs those anyway?
14. I would have required only 2 hours of sleep necessary….I’ve got too much to do and so little time.
15. I would not have a thing called mucus ….I think candy secretions would be yummy!
16. I would never let estrogen run low…..can we say….…no more hot flashes!
17. I would bump up the immune system……no more colds…ever!
18. I would skip the teen years all together…….ah!….the peace.
19. I would make a woman’s bladder much bigger…..can you point me to the nearest ladies room?
20. I would make every human the same color…..so much drama…so much drama.

I really hope God is laughing at me for what I’ve written in my blog today….if not I’m in big trouble.You know God don’t play!!!

God originally made these bodies perfect and because of the fruit and tree incident some problems set in. We must endure though… because we who have made Jesus #1 in our lives will have a heavenly makeover and will be blessed with a perfect gloried body. I can’t wait!!!  (Well maybe just a little!)

Psalms 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Message for today: It’s a good thing I’m not God because I would surely mess things up. God know best!