Yesterday’s message was so important that the enemy’s was really mad at me and tried to attack me all day.  He didn’t want you to read my blog.  Yesterday was a battle…I won…I’m here and I’m praising my Lord and Savior and telling everyone again…that we have authority over the enemy.  If you didn’t read yesterdays blog…please read it.  I’m not backing down off of nothing!! I’m gonna tell the truth about God word.  I’m going to tell what I know that will help people with their walk with the Lord!!

Yes …stuff happened to me yesterday…one of the things that happened last night after a day of battles… was I put a dozen  eggs on the stove to boil so I could make….I know…angel eggs (you know what the real name is….but we’re not going there). I went in my room and forgot about the eggs boiling on the stove. When I finally went into the kitchen… it was all white with billowing smoke…the pot was burning really bad….all of the eggs exploded and was ALL OVER the kitchen.  Even after I took them off the stove they were still exploding.  The whole house was filled with smoke and the smell of burnt eggs still lingers this morning. My house could have caught on fire…but God didn’t let that happen!!!

So I went back to reread yesterdays blog because obviously there is something that can really help us.  So be encouraged today…we do have authority over our enemy and we can be victorious!!  Be informed know God’s word trust God and have faith.  Thank you Jesus!!