I Love the Lord

Psalms 18:1   I will love you, O LORD, my strength.

The word “will” in this scripture is interesting because the meaning of will is intent.  Some bible translations have…I love you, O Lord my strength.  I personally Love the Lord…but I also know that my love for God grows and will continue to grow as my relationship continues to mature in Him.  So I am in love with the Lord and my love is getting stronger.  I will never be able to love the Lord the way I want to as a human being because I am not perfected yet and won’t be until my transition day when my body dies.

The motivational force in my life right now is my love for the Lord.  I’ve tried to give you all a break in hearing me say how much I love the Lord over and over again.  I could profess my love for the Lord all day everyday…but I know God wants me to keep a balance in my life.   So my life is filled with my faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…in family, church, prayer, bible study, my task for the Lord and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  My life is continually being in prayer with God on and off all day.  I have to be honest and tell you…the only time my mind is not on the Lord so much is when I’m shopping…I wish it was…it could probably save me some money LOL!  All kidding aside…my point is my love for the Lord is my strength.   God has been there for me through everything that has happened in my life.

I love the Lord so so much and I have this on my mind and in my heart all the time.  The Holy Spirit uses this in my life because He is always reminding me that I do love God a lot.  This helps me live a life pleasing to the Lord.  Like yesterday….I went to Burger king to get a salad for lunch…yes I know…a salad from Burger King.  I’m still committing to my New Year’s resolution  of eating better praise God!!  The cashier gave me back $10.00 to much…but…I love the Lord and want to shine for Him…I gave that money right back!  How could I keep that money loving God the way I do?  The Holy Spirit that lives in me and knows how much I love God and want to please Him is there to help me stay on track.  If I didn’t love God so much… I don’t think I would be so willing to live right and be all God wants me to be.  I think I would sin…a lot!

My love for God is so important to me and God’s love for me is so important to me because….He is the strength of my life.  This love thing between me and God keeps me going and keeps me strong.

How does one become so in love with God?

  1. Someone will one day tell you about His love.  My parents and my Sunday school teachers did for me.  This is how it begins for us.  Then it’s up to us to accept this love, accept Jesus Christ repent and believe in Him.
  2. You should pray…talk to God as much as you can.
  3. You should know all you can about the Lord which comes from reading and studying your bible.
  4. All the test and trials you go through and come out of is His love for you and when you learn to recognize this…it will expose His love for you.  Many test many victories equals lots of love.
  5. Understanding why Jesus came and did what He did will increase your love.  Think about this very often.  Let it be a part of your daily meditation and prayer.
  6. Don’t hold the negative things that happened to you against God because it is really for your good in the long run.  You just don’t understand it now.  But it has great incredible rewards!  God has promised us this.  What He has prepared for us is unimaginable….so hold on to His love and let it be your strength
  7. Time helps you love God more.  Give it time for this love to develop.  Over time as you see His overall purpose is for you to succeed in this life and everything He does is to bring you to maturity in Him you will fall deeper in love with Him. You have a life time…God willing. 
  8. Surrender 100% of yourself to Him.  When I married my husband…I made a commitment to Him.  We are committed to each other.  When you surrender yourself to the Lord you made a commitment to Him and He’s committed to you.  It’s an ongoing relationship that needs to be nurtured everyday…not just on Sunday, Easter and Christmas or when you have a need.  It takes dedication on our part to maintain this relationship on a level that will be in constant growth.
  9. We must learn to walk with God.  Study the bible information about Enoch…it’s powerful
  10. You must know God intimately.  This can be done because of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.  God is a spirit and we need to approach Him in spirit and in truth and the Holy Spirit will help us to know God in a very close and personal way.

I used to wear a button like this everyday for the first 7 years of my walk with the Lord…but one day I felt it was time to take it off so I could let my light shine through my life and my walk with the Lord. I want my life to point people to Jesus.

So in closing….my prayer for you today is that you may gleam something from my blog and cultivate, improve and nurture your walk with the Lord.  My main motivation for writing these blogs is for everyone to love the Lord so much and love Him with your body, mind, and soul and deeply with your whole heart.  I know He is the strength of our lives and we need His strength so much.  We need to feel His love.  He is always pouring His love out on us…but we need to know this and feel this because this is what will enable us to hold on until our eternal life in Him has come.  Then we will be able to experience the full love of God….the love that all of our loved ones who have made it through their journey and are living in the fullness of that love… right now.

Oh…I love the Lord…He’s my love and….my strength!

Message for today:  Daily seek the Lord and your love for Him will grow.

Now that is some incredible love!!!!!