Luke 22:15 And he said to them, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.

There are certain things that Jesus said during His time here on earth that touches me because it reveals His personality and His heart and this is one of those things. He was eager to eat the Passover supper with His 12 disciples. This was a very special time that happened a few days before He was to be crucified. The question in my mind is…Why was Jesus so eager to have supper with them all?

Jesus was a Jewish man and celebrated the Passover just like any other Jewish man would have done and He wanted to have this meal with the men who had given up everything to follow Him. This would be the last time that He would be with them on this level because after the crucifixion He would be in a glorified state and their relationship would be a little different.

He was about to suffer as He mentioned in the above scripture and I think He wanted for them put their attention on Him. We don’t know all that went on behind the scenes and all that was said…but I bet Jesus hugged them and spoke encouraging words to them. He loved them and they seemed to have a very tight bond. I believe this was a very special dinner…one that may have been more special than the disciples had known at the time.

Another thought I had on this special meal was that this would be known as…”The Last Supper”. Painters have painted pictures, and people have written books and plays about this spiritually historical event. The most important meaning of this supper was….we…you and I who are Christians are to remember this event and repeat it often in memory of the Sacrificial act of love that Jesus allowed on Himself to save us from eternal damnation and put us right with the one true and Holy God… Yahweh.

At this supper Jesus would reveal His betrayer…He put everything out on the table. It reminds me of a scripture verse from Psalm 23:5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. We have enemies all around us…but when you sit at the Lord’s Table you can expect His presence, love and protection.

Jesus was looking forward to this dinner and in retrospect you can see why. Let’s you and I remember the command that Jesus gave us pertaining to this supper. Let’s remember all that was done for us on Calvary. Let’s remember the Love that God has for us…and that He arranged all of this for us. We are all very special to God. Let’s walk in this love and….remember “The Last Supper”…Often.

Massage for today: The Last Supper is a day to remember….forever.

Jesus love us so much….Let’s remember the price He paid.