It was one year ago today that I wrote my very first blog. This was such a miracle because of my lack of any skill in this area. Please read my blog about my lack of abilities:

This has been an amazing year for me as the Lord has revealed Himself to me through writing my blog which entailed a lot of reading His word. My blog has also reminded me of all the great things God has done in my life. I’ve met many new friends that are very special to me.

You all have encouraged me so much…especially on the secret down days that I didn’t feel like writing anymore because I thought my blogging wasn’t very good or I was tired because it takes me so long to write one one blog.

I feel the Lord is going to take me into a new season soon and I can use your prayers. I’ll continue to blog as the Lord leads. Thanks you so much to all my faithful readers and followers. May the Lord bless you and meet all of your needs physically and spiritually.

I love Him so,