I’m listening to Him and relying on His strength to get me through my day. I thank God for Him being in my life 24/7. I can’t make it without His help and encouragement. He reveals the truth of God’s word to me and keeps reminding me of it. My Paraclete keep me on track and keeps me on target. I remind myself that I’m never alone because I have Him in my life. I feel so blessed and protected.

At my age of 59…I’ve learned to rely on Him more and more. I found out that I don’t always know what to do… but He does. He knows my pain and my weaknesses. Even when I’m too overwhelmed to pray for myself… He can talk to God on my behalf. I don’t even have to speak words. I can cry and or be in some type of pain and He can interpret my cry to God because He lives inside of me and knows what needs to be said to God on my behalf. My Paraclete is awesome!!! I love Him so. He keeps me in a good place with the Lord. He’s even given me a special language that is only known to God.

When I pray in that language I feel strengthened in my spiritman. I’ve had some really difficult times in my life and I tell you my Paraclete was right there…He was hovering all over me with this unusual odd feeling of extreme comfort. It’s hard to explain this phenomenon. All I know is that a large amount of comfort and peace enveloped me and I made it through those extremely difficult circumstances.

So today….I’m having an involved time of interaction with my Paraclete because… I want to have special intimacy with God the Father and God the Son. Every day I want to know God more and more. I hunger after Him with all my heart. I need this as a human being….I need this as His child….I need this as a Christian….I need this as a person who has life’s challenges almost every minute of my day….I need it because I love God so so much.

Paraclete is one who comforts, encourages, counsels, and advocates on one’s behalf. My Paraclete is the Holy Spirit of God. If you are a born again Christian…you too have a paraclete that is your constant companion 24/7. Your mortal body contains Him inside of it. He speaks to your mind and your heart. Listen to Him and look out for His gentle guidance. Don’t get on His nerves because you can grieve Him when you ignore His direction and guidance. He wants the best for you!

I have to go now so I can be involved with my Paraclete……..

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; John 14:16