Psalms 119:110 The wicked have set their traps for me, but I will not turn from your commandments. (NLT)

I bought my father a large crap trap with double trap doors for Father’s Day. I knew he wanted one and the day after father’s Day…he caught a big batch of crabs in that trap. I kinda felt sorry for them…they thought they were getting some food, but after they got in that trap…they couldn’t get out. The enemy has traps set out for us too. He wants to catch us up in mess. He knows what tripped us up in our past and he’ll even set up some new ones for us. Unlike those poor crabs…we can get out of the traps that have been set out for us.



I have someone in my life that see’s those traps and connects with my mind to warn me of them. He uses my knowledge of the word of God and I can feel His warnings of danger ahead. This person in my life is….”The Holy Spirit”! I’m so grateful to God that the Holy Spirit lives inside of me and interacts with me all day every day. I try to always have my ears perked up to hear what He is saying to me.

I don’t always accomplish this…because…I am human, and sometime to my total dismay…my flesh, my short comings are exposed and I step into one of those traps that the enemy has set out for me. But thankfully the Holy Spirit is there speaking truth to me and I catch on to my sin and ask Jesus to forgive me and Jesus washing me clean. I hate those traps…but they are out there and even when I get caught in one…God uses that as a teachable moment and I gleam what I can from the experience.

I’m careful not to wallow in guilt and just move on. I make a bigger effort to stay in the word of God and walk in the spirit….and of course…Have on my amour because of the plots and the warfare against me. Thank you Holy Spirit for all your guidance, protection, instruction, love and companionship!!! I love you!

Message for today: Don’t be in fear of the traps from the devil but….make sure you are close with the one who protects you from them and warns you….”The Holy Spirit”!!!!! Our God is an awesome God who thought of everything for our protection and care! All praises go to God our Father! Thank you Jesus for making all of this possible!


Satan uses many types of traps for us and many different temptations such as money,drugs,stealing etc. But watch out for the small, sneaky and subtle traps that lead you into….sinning!