The Lord just gave me messages for 7 people.  Always pray about everything and confirm with the Lord.  God spoke…I listened…and shared.  To God be the Glory and His name be praised.

Person 1. I heard your prayer request and I will respond very shortly.  Listen for my answer.  Be still, be quite and keep your spiritual ears opened.  I’m teaching you something here.  Let me complete my work in you.  You’ll benefit greatly. Don’t go by what you think but go by what I will do for you.  Trust in me.

Person 2. Write out that check.  You did hear from me.  I want to bless the person that check will be written out to and I want to bless you too.

Person 3. You are healed.  Don’t believe the enemy’s lies.  You are healed.  You believed in my abilities and trusted in me…I have blessed you!

Person 4. Look into what one of your children are doing.  They need prayer.

Person 5.  Your marriage needs to be under my influence more.  It needs refreshing and I can restore.

Person 6. There is something taxing on your heart.  You don’t even realize it.  Pray, find out that thing, give it over to me and see if you don’t start feeling much better and spiritually renewed.  That thing is a yoke around your neck.

Person 7. I need you to dance and rejoice in me.  I’ve done so much in your life and I want you to enjoy my presence in your life so I can take you to the next level in me.  I want to take you higher.  My Holy Spirit will help you with this.