Tuesday, September 11, 2001 at 8:46 in the morning began an attack on Americans that lead to mass destruction and a huge loss of life.  Many committed to never forgetting and this country and its citizens have not forgotten.  Our family loss a very close friend, in fact he was a hero who went back to help others.  This senseless killing still hurts after all these years.  I watched a movie the other day and the twin towers were in the movie.  I put the TV on pause for a few minutes to look at the towers and just to ponder the loss. 

It’s hard to move on when we know the attackers still want to do us harm.  The only way that I’ve have been able to deal with this is by remembering to forgive my enemies and reminding myself this battle is the Lords.  I thank God for keeping us safe from any major USA attacks since 9/11 and I pray for our precious United States Armed forces who are still out defending our country.  I also pray for our homeland security, all police departments, secrect service and any special forces who protect us everyday.

So where do we go from here in these years to follow?  Well… we know that we’ll never forget and we should continue to seek the Lord for sustaining strength, comfort and protection.

We need to do 3 things:

  1. Pray for everyone
  2. Forgive everyone
  3. Love everyone

Dear Heavenly Father,

I would like to ask you first to help anyone who is still grieving from the loss of a loved one on 9/11.  Please help all those who are still suffering from the loss of a loved one because of illness connected to 9/11.  Please continue to heal those who were injured on that day.  Please help those people who were affected emotionally and those who are still trying to put back the pieces of their lives.

Bless all the children who lost a parent and all the parents who lost a child.  Help those who are still very angry and mad at you.

Lord please continued to watch over our country and keep us safe.  I ask these things in Jesus name…Amen.

Massage for today: GOD BLESS AMERICA!!