a christmas prayer



Dear God,

 On this day December 25th we celebrate the day your only Son was born…but God…this is a blessing I think about daily.  I’m soooooo grateful that you loved me your creation…that you wanted me to be your child.  That you wanted to remove that awful original sin from me…. That you wanted me to be your friend….and you did all of this because…..YOU LOVE ME!  God…every time I think about this love it makes me want to weep.  My eyes are watering right now as I’m writing this. 

God…you rescued me…your Son saved me!  Although everyday is Christmas and everyday is Easter for me….I take a little extra time to meditate on your goodness today and to celebrate that day Jesus made His personal appearance on earth as my Savior and was Emanuel.  I will celebrate this wonderful day with my family you gave me and we will Glorify your name together.

Jesus…we may not know the exact day of your birth…but we’ve carved out this day to praise your name and to say… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We all love you so much! 

Father God…my birthday prayer is….for others to know and believe in your precious Son Jesus.  In His name Amen

For God so loved
the world that he gave
his one and only Son,
that whoever believes
in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Message for today:  You are soooo loved!!!!!