Because of God's holiness...His Son did this for you and me!

Because of God’s holiness…His Son did this for you and me!

For weeks now I’ve been learning about the holiness of God.  I feel this is one of the most important attributes of God because it’s His nature….it’s who He is and it’s the reason for the necessity of the cross of Jesus Christ.  In studying about this something strange has happened to me.  The more I read and meditated on the holiness of God…the more I saw the ugliness of my nature and I was truly sickened by this revelation.

As God’s purity became clearer to me and I saw myself in the light of His holiness…..I cried!  I was so upset about it that my husband gave me a bible lesson on Romans 6.  He read the whole chapter to me and followed up with a bible lesson.  He also gave me this scripture…..Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, I thank God for my godly husband!  These scriptures straightened me right up!

I am still in awe of the holiness of God.  I am also in awe of His love for us.  Our whole lives are about Him.  We who are Christians belong to God!  A very high price was paid for our souls. 

These human bodies that we have are made up of mostly water and oxygen and turns into dust when we die. They are just shells that our spiritman lives in while we are here on earth.  We are spiritual beings made in God’s image and our whole purpose is for God alone.  To bring Him praise and to glorify Him!  We are to study Gods word and live a holy life and after we live our lives… He will reward us with things to great for us to take it all in now.  We will have an indescribable life forever with Him.

This whole thing we call life has everything to do with God’s desire to create us and His ability to give us an everlasting perfect life in light of His holiness!

When I look at myself now….I see God in me….I see His creation….I see an imperfect person….I see that I was Gods enemy…I see His grace and mercy for me….I see the cross….I see Jesus sacrifice and forgiveness…I see His love for me…I see hope and I see eternity.

I want to live a holy life and I can because of Jesus Christ and the power and indwelling of the Holy Spirit.   I can be what my Father God wants me to be…and that is to be like my brother Jesus.

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I want to live for my God even more right now after studying about His holiness.  I understand why I need to.  I know I won’t be able to be perfect for Him right now…but I will keep working on it anyway. In my heart I know what I want to be in Christ but God’s holiness showed me my own flesh. Psalms 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.  This scripture is my prayer.

I REALLY didn’t like what I saw…my flesh…but…I know I need to keep my eyes on the Lord for guidance.  I will seek after Him all day every day stay close.  I need to study His word and pray without ceasing.  I need to know that Jesus will keep me from stumbling/sinning and He will present me faultless before my God.   I need to listen to the Holy Spirit when He shows me the error of my ways in the light of God’s word.  I need to ask for forgiveness when I sin (repent).   I need to obey Him, love Him and others.  I can do this…my heart wants to!

You know after studying about God’s holiness I got really scared of God for a few days.  I was like…”God don’t play!”  That’s what I feel in my spirit…He doesn’t play games and He is nothing to play around with.  We should uphold Him with the utmost respect and honor.  When one of my daughters was a little girl, she told me “mommy…I’m scared of you”.  I told her that I was scared of God and that’s a good thing.  By being scared…I mean a healthy fear/respect for the authority of God.

I take God’s holiness very seriously and I will stand up for His holy name even more than I ever did before.  One big lesson I’ve learned about His holiness is that it reveals a new level of love that I didn’t realize before…but in light of studying His holiness…it’s revealed more of His love for me.  I feel it through His holiness.  I feel more of why Jesus went to the cross and what was His motive…which was His love for us and obeying His Father. 

I feel very special today.  I feel that God went out of His way just for me (and you)!  In the light of God’s holiness…it has added a new depth to my faith and in my walk with the Lord.

Message for today:  In the light of the Holiness of God His love for His creations shines through!  God loves you and me so very much!!!!!

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