message from God




I sang “His eye is on the sparrow” in church yesterday and the Lord gave me this message for my church family and I feel led to share it with all of you too.



My children…….Many of you are facing very difficult trials and I know everything you are going through. There is not one thing that has slipped by me. My own dear Son has experienced testing and trials also so know that we understand. Always remember that I Am….a merciful God and full of every drop of grace that you will need for the rest of your entire life and nothing will ever take that away from you.

The days to come are going to be challenging for everyone. You will face all different kinds of trials which are increasing in nature. Everywhere you look there will be something happening here and something happening there. I have given you a command in my word…..FEAR NOT! Fear not… fear not!
Trust me my children! Know who I am and know who you belong to.

There is power in the name of my Son. My Son is always bringing you before me! He is your good Sheppard. Trust in His ability to care for you. Cast all you care on Him! From your Father which is in heaven.

The answer for all things you will face in these troubling times is……..Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus

Your best friend…. And He is your portion!

Don’t be discouraged today!