These are very strange and difficult times here on earth right now.  I feel to share that we must turn inward in order to shine outward.  We who are Christians have the Holy Spirit living in us.  This is God’s unique way that He planned to help us, guide us and comfort us 24/7.  This is a huge blessing!  I just wrote my last blog about the Holiness of God because I feel it’s very important to really know who God is to bolster your faith and have hope.

God is in control of this universe …He knows all about the event’s of late and has lots of supernatural grace available for you to endure every trial that might come your way!  We are not to fear but we should turn inward to our paraclete, our helper.  The Holy Spirit is here with us. I’m going through trials also and I feel the help/grace of God in a powerful way.   My last few blogs have come from the inner strength and help I feel coming from the Lord…and I’ve shared this info with you all.

I hear God saying…”children turn to me.….children walk with me….no matter what happens…I will never leave you.  Let me hold your hand and walk  you through your trials.”

We may have to go through some hard times….but we have a helper…The Holy Spirit is here!

Hold on…keep your eyes on the Lord.  Life goes by fast and one day you will NEVER SUFFER ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!  Hang in there!  Fear not!  Let go of this world and hold on to Jesus!

Don’t try to understand everything….but bolster up your relationship with God and walk with Him….today.  Don’t wait until you’re in some kind of trouble….call on Him now and praise Him just because He’s God.

         1Peter 5:7