God's love

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

We all know this very well known and memorized scripture.  But there is a two letter word in it that means so much to me and that is the word…”SO”.  The script could have read that God loved the world.   But there is so much behind that simple word…”So”

I want to talk about the love of God briefly.   This is a topic that I could write for days about but I feel led to share this one point today.


God's love 3


I love God so much and when I pray I cry so a lot and very hard as I tell Him that I love Him.  It’s because I can’t keep up with that amount of God’s love for me.  I feel His love but it’s too powerful for me.  His love for me makes me hungry for His love.  My love for Him is unquenchable.  I’m always panting after Him. In my human form I can’t take in all His love for me.   One day I won’t have to hunger after His love because I will at last be fulfilled with His unfathomable eternal love for me.

god's love 4

Right now we try to get love from our spouses, family and friends and they can only give us but so much. We should not expect for our loved ones to always be able to fulfill our need to be loved.    Only the Lord can give us all we need and even in that… we cannot receive in our heart and mind all the love God has for us…that’s why we hunger for more of God.

My little brother and my mom are with Jesus and I know that at this very moment they are receiving the full power of the love of God.  Thank you Jesus!

So in John 3:16 where it says…for God “SO” loved the world…we need to really understand what is behind that little but powerful word …”SO”.

God's love 1

I want to say to someone reading this today that….God loves you!!!  Forget about trying to understand all the negative things that have happened to you in your life.  If you can hang in there…your eternal happy life will far outweighs anything you have gone through.  God loves you so much and has your best interest at heart.  Just know that He loves you and never doubt that even until your last breath of life!


God's love 2