A lot of people are going through very difficult times. Maybe this blog can help today. Hang in there!!!

God Speaks I Listen

It’s 6 am and as soon as I started to seek the Lord I realize I’m feeling happy in my spirit. As singer James Brown says in one of his most famous songs “I feel Good”.  How can this be?  This morning I have a painful sinus infection so I’ll be seeing my doctor today, I suffer daily with many medical conditions and have to take a lot of medication, I’ve had past financial catastrophes that are still hanging over my head,, my mom just passed in February of this year, my car is 14 years old…and on and on…. need I say more.

But despite all this I AM HAPPY!!! Why, how can this be?  I have put my trust in God and He has given me His peace and strength. I live off of His daily mercies and I’m filled with His amazing grace.

My mother in law…

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