Hard times?….Don’t give up…read this blog!

God Speaks I Listen

Sometimes I think I almost push God to this point….But I know my foolishness doesn’t affect Him that way. God is patient, kind and understanding.

If God was here on earth in the midst of a very difficult trial in my life I would shake His shoulders, jump up and down and just start screaming to the top of my lungs until He would have to slap me silly.

Bed beating with a broom…doesn’t really help!

I have done something this….let me share my crazy testimony.  In 2002 I had been suffering with an illness for about 3 years that was undiagnosed at the time and I was having horrible debilitating stroke-like episodes.  I was at my wit’s end because things were getting worse and I was waiting to be healed…like yesterday!   One day I just exploded in prayer to God.  I was trying to sweep my little daughters room…

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