In the light of all this earthly drama we need to draw closer to God in prayer. Just a closer walk with thee……

God Speaks I Listen

Many people have asked this question and many people have written books, have had seminars and preached on this topic. Why, how, what, when…… what more can I say about it? Have you read my blog about Kissing the feet of Jesus? I’ve shared my heart about my prayer life……yet I still feel I have something more to say.

I’m going to say something shocking here…….Prayer is not complicated!! Ok that wasn’t really that shocking but I wanted to get your attention. To tell you the truth….How to pray is a weird question to me….it’s like asking how to love….how to eat… to breath?

When I fell in love for the very first time in junior high school I just knew how to love…it came natural. I feel when you fall in love with the Lord talking to Him should be so natural……oh you say…..Fall in love with the Lord?…

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