God gave me this message in 2008. I’m feeling this and more for now 2015. I’m feeling another strong message and will be praying for God to speak .
God ain’t playin’ these days! He’s speaking and those who have ears listen to what the Spirit is saying…….to you.

God Speaks I Listen

Dear readers,

This morning I prayed and had no message. I waited on the Lord for a while listening for His voice as to what to write today. He then spoke and said give them the message I gave you in 2008. I though it was long but He said give it. So you must know me by now…God speaks I listen…..and obey. I got this message in 2008 when I had 10 months of extreme prayer for revival. It was so intense that I got sick from being so drained. I prayed and cried before the Lord for souls. I believe God answered me clearly and now I’m watching and waiting and I see His plan is activated. Please always pray about any message that someone shares with you, me including me. Always verify everything in your bible.

In His Service,

Tanya Nemley

Message from God on October…

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