God speaks I listen….and share. I feel to share this with you:

God is not playing! This is very serious!

I saw a vision of gray…the color gray. I see it very clearly. I asked God what does this mean and He said gray areas. Revelations 3:16 So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth. This is a gray area…not the only one but it’s one. If you say that you are a Christian and are a born again, blood washed, Holy Spirit filled, forgiven child of God and Jesus Christ is your personal Lord and Savior then… I hope and pray that you are not in the gray area. All of God’s word and all of His commands should be kept and acted upon and obeyed with no exceptions. Nothing has been changed or altered in the bible. EVERYTHING still stands! Every last word. If you are in a gray area….been silent on biblical truth, tolerating what you know God wants and what He doesn’t like….this will have repercussions in our communities and the world. We are not to sweep sin under the carpet or ignore it. We are not to look the other way and let it slide.

1Peter 1:16 for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”

If we truly understand who God is and His Holiness we would never be in that gray area. The older I get and the deeper in God I get…I’m learning…DON’T MESS WITH GOD! I’m also learning all that God has done for me and how much HE loves me. This is why I stay motivated to go all out for Him. The fact is I’m His child…in fact He owns me! The fact is my whole life is and has always been about HIM! This ain’t my world or my home. I owe God everything including ME!!!! People who meet me know which side of the line I stand on. People think I’m religious….spiritual…over the top with my faith….. That’s me not in the gray area.

The other day I was at the gas station and a Muslim man came out of little booth where people go to pay for gas and he went over to the side of the building and put his prayer mat on the ground and knelt down and prayed and worshipped his god in front of a packed gas station. I didn’t think he was over the top. I just thought he wasn’t in a gray area of his faith. Either you follow and be obedient in what you believe or you don’t.         John 14:15 “If you love me, keep my commands.

In 2008…God revealed to me that He was going to do His own thing in this world. I knew what God was going to do …but now everybody…saved and unsaved knows. There has been a change in every aspect of human life. I’ve heard many people talking about it. With all that’s going on in the world these days my husband and I feel the need to pray every morning for our safety and that of our family.

We also follow the lead of the Holy Spirit so that we are careful not to get into the gray areas.  We’re human and we have veered off the path…but because of the Holy Spirit in us and our desire to please God we get back on track.

It ain’t easy though!! Our flesh wants to be lazy, and complacent. We can also so scared of what others may say or think so we remain…silent. Our silence is a gray area.

Well what is going to happen to our country and our world? Exactly what the bible itself has predicted. It’s happening and will continue to do so. I hear in my spirit much wailing and crying and I see sadness, mourning, suffering and more. This is why we can’t be in the gray area because God will be using us for His great commission and we will be ministering like never before.  We need to step out of our comfort zone and be bold for God.  I have a blog and recently it has been blowing up. My blog data lets me know what people are searching for on Google to  find their way to my blog. 2 of my most popular blogs are…”I’m going to kill myself” and also…”I’m so stupid”. Many of my other blogs on suffering and about who God are just blowing up also. People are using Google to find answers about God. My blog is almost in every country around the world now. People are searching for God, help and answers.

Are you available for the masters use or are you in the ….GRAY AREA?