I wrote this in 2011 but it’s still what I feel in 2015. I will never forget! God bless all today who was so affected by this tragedy.

God Speaks I Listen

I knew that I wanted to write something for today…..but what?…..what could I possibly say?….Could my words help or add to anything? Honestly I don’t think so …….but I do want to say something.

That day is a permanent part of our history in the United States of America and there is not one American who will ever forget what happened to so many innocent people.

What are people thinking after 10 years? Looking at the news this week and hearing the stories again I must say for me it still hurts and I can’t believe that it happen 10 years ago. Not only do I still feel the hurt but I have to deal with the terrorist who caused this pain. I am still working on forgiving and praying for them because they are still an everyday threat.

Many people are still angry and questioning God ……still asking why?…

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