love God


As I was talking to you this morning God and I was telling you how much I love you… I was so overwhelmed as usual that I just wanted to be where you are. I love you more than my husband and children!  I just can’t stop thinking about you and I won’t stop thinking about you! I love you with my whole heart, mind, body and my soul. If I had my choice I’d be right at your throne kissing your God 7

I see you God…but I don’t. Can touch you God…but I can’t. I know where you are…but I don’t. I feel that close to you but I’m here and you’re there. I see you God…I really see….you in my spirit! You God make me feel your very breath from your mouth on my face mysteriously and supernaturally. This is what gives me the strength I need every day to keep going under the stress of my humanity. Your love is what gives me reason to get up every morning and want to take my next breath. Your love makes me want to tell others about your incredible gifts of forgiveness, salvation and eternal life. Your love has introduced me to your precious Son Jesus and the other wonderful person (Holy Spirit) who has guided me and comforted throughout my spiritual God 5

I cried so hard this morning when I felt your love for me. I had big tears that dripped down my face and wet up my clothes. I begged you to collect my tears and keep them close to you as a reminder that your children down here do really love you!

God…I believe everything in your word. It’s so real to me because of your love. Your love draws me like blessed oil. I get my bottle of blessed oil out and I pour it all over myself and bath myself in your love. It makes me smell so good so I go out and try to let others smell your goodness, mercy and love. Some love the smell and others are offended by the scent…but I just go back to you and get more blessed oil so I can go out and smell up this world with God 2

God you are so incredible that I just can’t keep all your goodness inside me. The joy that I feel in my soul is so powerful. It has been a healing balm to my mind and heart. When I don’t get enough of you… I start to feel sick. There has even been times when I just didn’t know if I was gonna make it. But I know how to refresh my soul with your love and I get well again. I know that nothing will or can ever separate me from your love!! love God 1

I wish everyone knew about what your love can do. Your Son Jesus told us that the greatest commandment is to love you. Boy did Jesus give us the best advice! He knew what humanity needed and what I needed!

I want to thank Jesus and the Holy Spirit for all they’ve done to lead me to you. And God….I love you so very much!!

Your overwhelmed with your presence daughter,



love God 4



love God 6

God I love you so much!  Save my good tears.  They’re for you!



love God3