Right now one of the ways I can worship God through my service and obedience to Him. When I get to heaven I will worship Him before His throne. I see myself in heaven as face down before Him in His holiness and majesty. I’m sure it will be much more involved and powerful than my little human mind can explain here.

Right now I can love Him and get up close and personal with Him. Uniquely…I have the Holy Spirit living inside me and this gives me an advantage in being one with God and the ability to know Him. I’m sure my relationship with God will be a billion percent closer in heaven…but I’m thankful for this opportunity that I have now to know Him so personally now. I take full advantage of this too.

I interact with God on a few different levels which I will share with you:

  1. I pray generally and formally every morning with my husband. We thank Father God for all that He did for us yesterday, we bring up prayer request for ourselves, our family and others. And lastly we thank Him for what He will do and we give Him praise and honor.
  2. I talk to God throughout my day about everything. He’s a part of my daily and nightly life.
  3. I get into a quiet and private place (prayer closet) and go very deep in an intimate way until I get to a place of being consumed by His presence. In this place… it’s not about stuff, issues, troubles or life…it’s all about Him. Many times it’s so deep that I don’t want to be here on earth because…why would I after feeling His love in a supernatural way by the power of the Holy Spirit. What drives me back into reality is the thought of serving Him by telling others about Him. This kind of prayer time also helps my music ministry because I try to help others feel what I feel in my prayer closet because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit through my song.



This is how I feel about you God!



I feel there is a difference in loving God and worshipping God. I have been involved in many times of powerful worship where it makes you fall down on your knees and bow before Father God in total admiration to His majesty. Sensing God’s holiness, power and glory will do that to you. God deserves this because of who He is!

Jesus said the greatest commandment is to “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ Matthew 22:38 He didn’t say worship the Lord God….but if you love God like crazy that will make you want to worship God like that! Loving God = worship!

So what does this all mean for you? A close walk with Father God! It means the most abundant life with all the fullness of God that following Jesus and worshipping the one true God can afford you!