Sunrise July 1952 – Sunset 20xx


Tanya was born in NYC and moved with her parents Juanita and Elijah Mckelvin from the Bronx to Westbury. After High school she married and had her first daughter Crystal. After getting divorced from her first husband Tanya  married her 2nd husband James Nemley in 1975 and over time 5 more children came, Joya, April, Joshua, Noah and Marie. Tanya had many gifts and talents which included cooking and singing.

Tanya became a Christian watching Rev. Billy Graham when she was about 12 but in 1984 she became a committed Christian and dedicated the rest of her life to serving the Lord.

In lieu of a long formal obituary she has chosen herself to tell you her final words.

“Dear family, friends, and whosoever,

In 1984 I became a committed Christian and I decided to put God first and trust Him for everything in my life. 1 Peter 5:7 became my guide for everything that went on in my life. Another decision I made was to find out everything I could about God. I searched the bible like a mad woman for every scrap of info on who this being was that loved me so much. When I realized that the Holy Spirit lived inside of me and knew everything about Father God, I bugged Him like mad for information. I used to pray for about 8 hours a day every single day for years and years. God gave me visions and allowed me to experience many unique things with Him. For the rest of my life I came to know and love God so very deeply.

Because of my relationship with Him and the security and love that I constantly got from Him I wanted this for everyone. I had gotten to the point that I shared Jesus by way of a pamphlet I wrote with almost everyone I’d come into contact with every day.

I have figured out something very special about Father God that I want you to know. Our Father God has a whole big very thought out plan for every human being that will ever live and it is all about His love for us. God loves us so much and all He wants is our gratefulness, love and devotion to Him. This supernatural powerful holy and majestic being can adopt us into His family if we repent of our sin and believe in His Son. He’s also promised us an incredible eternal life with Him forever.

Stop everything you’re doing and reassess the whole focus and purpose of your life.

  1. Do you really know God intimately?
  2. Is God above everything in your life?
  3. Do you love God like you have lost your mind?

Your answer has to be yes to all three questions because one just won’t do! I’m not special because of my relationship with God. He’s available to everyone but you’ve got to WANT to know HIM. He will reward you with so much in this lifetime that it would be too long to list what He will do for you here. Two things that I had in abundance in my life was grace and peace. There are 3 ways to get to know more of God. Through the bible, by talking to God and by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is all possible because of Jesus Christ. We are only on this planet for a brief time. This world is not all that! One day you WILL have to leave all your stuff and go to either heaven or hell! People always say this about those who die…”oh he’s in a better place”. REALLY?  Repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness! This is the key to eternal life in heaven with God!

You don’t need to know what I did with my life!…You need to know what Jesus did with His life so that you can get a life…(An eternal one!).

My life was all about Jesus and now I’m with Him. I not only want you to be with me here in heaven one day… but I want you to be blessed on earth now! Show God just how grateful you are for all that He’s done for you. Please tell others about Jesus! See you soon!

Finished the race…Tanya”.

Tanya is survived by her husband James, her 6 children, Crystal, Joya, April, Joshua, Noah, Marie, her Granddaughter Olivia and grandson Tai-ray, her sister Christie and Son in law Sean.

The family of Tanya Maria Nemley deeply appreciate and gratefully acknowledge your kind expressions of sympathy.  We ask you to honor her request to put God first in your life.                                                         The Nemley Family