I’m not going to post the scriptures here like I usually do because it’s so great that I want you to look it up and see it for yourself. If you’re not sure of God’s love for you read Ephesians 1 today…right now. If you don’t know how special you are to God…read Ephesians 1. There is a word that is used in verse 8 (NIV)…” lavished” that I want you to really meditate on.

Lavished means….bestow profusely, give to someone in generous or extravagant quantities. A deluge of blessings pouring down torrentially on a person.

Abounded is used in the King James which means…plentiful, abundant, numerous, to be present in large numbers or in great quantity.

I feel God is saying to you today that you are blessed beyond measure. I really need for you to read Ephesians 1:1-14 today. Can you just read it so that you can give your spirit a big spiritual boost today? I feel very strongly that I need it and you need it. I want to say…”God bless you” ….but after reading Ephesians I don’t need to say that you… you will know it for sure. The bible don’t lie!

ephesians 1