47,000,000,000 Meters Down

My husband and I just went to see this movie this week and it wasn’t the greatest film in my opinion but it had a weird spiritual effect on me. The movie was about 2 women who got in a steel cage and was lowered off a boat down a few feet into the ocean to see sharks.  But the cord snapped and their cage fell to the bottom of the ocean floor.

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I feel this is where I was spiritually before salvation.  When you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Savior you are on the floor of the cold dark ocean and time is running out. You feel uncertain about life and you’re all alone. Help arrives when you accept Jesus as your Lord  Savior and the Holy Spirit starts to bring you to the surface. He must bring you up slowly so that you won’t suffer any ill effects from being that deep in sin. Slowly you rise toward the surface growing stronger in the Lord with His help. The day you make it to the surface is the day you transition and you’re with God forever.

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Down here on earth we are always in the dark murky water. It can be scary but we have a guide and helper…the Holy Spirit. In the movie the women wore oxygen tanks to breathe but the oxygen was running out. As I get older I feel my oxygen also has a timer on it and it will run out when my life is over. Human life on earth is very difficult because of Adam and Eve. There is pain, suffering, sickness, and death. Because of the grace of God we can have an abundant life here on earth. We can also experience joy and peace through Jesus Christ.   Also we know that God has promised us a future life with no more suffering.47 2

While we are down here which is way more than 47,000,000,000 meters down below heaven, we must trust God and not fear in the cold dark murky waters of our earthly life.


They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved–you and your household.” Act 16:31

While I was sitting on that dark cold ocean floor drowning in my sin…Jesus rescued me and is bringing me up to the surface. One day He will present me faultless before Father God.  I’m so thankful that I’ve been saved!!!!!



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