It happened again in the USA. Needed to repost this.

God Speaks I Listen

My House

I live right by the water here on Long Island NY.  My family and I are all safe…Praise the Lord!  We’ve lost a lot and are suffering discomfort and inconvenience but we have our lives!!!!!!!!!  Words can’t explain or express the shock and ramifications of all of this.  This was a catastrophic event here in the Northeast!!

I knew this was going to happen about 6 weeks ago and I said some great events were going to happen in the future in a few of my blogs this year.  Why?  You can find it in those blogs but I’m still trying to sought out the reason as to why I knew.  This was not the first time.  I knew about a few other catastrophic event.  I’m a prayer intercessor and I’m very sensitive  in my spirit and I do get many visions and messages.  I just pray about everything and I…

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